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July 10, 2020
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Man wears extra 8kg of clothing to avoid paying excess baggage fee at airport

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Cough up the extra charges or just ‘wear’ the excess baggage and keep it moving. 

A Scottish man returning home from Nice in France to Edinburgh airport was told his bag was eight kilograms over the weight limit and that he wasn’t allowed to check it in without paying a fee.

Unwilling to waste money on the extra charges, he decided to wear an extra eight kilograms of clothing rather than pay the excess weight fee.

His family recorded him putting on layer upon layer of clothing to reduce the excess baggage weight.

The man, identified as John Irvine, told Metro UK that he didn’t think the clothes would be over the weight limit by eight kilos.

“We were coming home back to Bearsden, Glasgow, from France on Saturday night and we never thought we’d be over the weight limit by eight kilos,” he said.

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