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July 12, 2020
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In a time when we are shouting of economy recession, in a time when our president is fighting corruption, in a time where the masses are demanding more from political office holder, in a time when people want more, in a time when people can’t afford more, then 10 million naira goes astray.

Yes!!! You read it right; 10 million Naira went missing in Osun state, yes in Irewole Local Government but this time it was neither stolen by a monkey nor swallowed by a snake but it disappeared mysteriously from the car of the chairman.

I remembered he was once ousted out of the office by the vigilant councilors who understood his ways of life but party supremacy took charge but now we all heard the news and steps are going by his cohorts to source for the mysteriously missing money.

A little assignment to my readers, the incidents happen in Irewole local government in the car of the local government chairman, he is well known with alcoholic drinks, very deceitful and has no single innovations his name is R__i Aba__.

If by chance you come across the missing money please report to the nearest police station or call Ayekooto on 09090226350

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