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July 4, 2020
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Its no longer news that corona virus is currently affecting Nigerians and the Government are really trying their possible best to curb the spread of this global pandemic with various plans and measures such as social distancing, locking down of affected state, even providing relief materials to the vulnerable Nigerians.

Praises should be given to the APC led administrative in the State of Osun for prompt actions to curb the spread of this virus, despite the financial constraint been face by the state, the Governor roll out several palliatives to improve the situation of things in the state but politics will always play out in everything that involves Nigeria that is why criticisms will always arise but now it not the best time to play politics with our lives but to stand as one and combat this global pandemic.

It is not surprising to see some certain individuals preaching against every moves of Governor Gboyega Oyetola but disappointing when respected Journalist are forming alliance by bringing out transparent dishonesty, concoction of lies to deceive the people of Osun.

Gone are the days when we have truth speaking journalist like Bayo Ohu, Chris Anayanwu, Dele Olojede etc they spoke the always without partial unlike the ones we are celebrating who have the aim of raping the State of Osun with lies.

Alahji Gboyega Oyetola led administrative recently distributes rice across the state of Osun but this so call journalist ultilised this oppurtunity to blackmail the Government by spreading lies that the Government wants to poision the resident of Osun with the rice they went further to threaten voters that they will be insulted for Voting APC in the past Gubernitorial election.

It is high time Rave FM Osogbo caution their erring staffs from raping the Indigene of Osun with lies on their Social media page and face sports and love shows that they are well known for, better still they can stay out of politics because one of the important ethics of journalism is political independent i.e. journalist should avoid taking political sides and should not act on behalf of special interest groups.

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